Pago de Almaraes

  • Carretera de Fonelas, Km-1 | 18510, Guadix
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At Bodegas Pago de Almaraes you can learn about the history of wine from the Phoenicians to the present day, and at the same time learn about our winemaking process. At Bodegas Pago de Almaraes you will enjoy the serenity, the warmth and the smell of our ageing room.
The bodega Pago de Almaraes is located in the future Geopark of Granada, in the heart of the region of Guadix, Pago de Almaraes has been designed rewarding the personal conception in the design and the polychrome of the nature that surrounds it.
The work captures from the first moment the intense luminosity of the area and the difference of the interior spaces creating a play of light and dark that exploits in an unrepeatable way.

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